Monday, June 27, 2011

Instagram Weekend

What a weekend. My little girl turned one and we celebrated the first year of her life in style with a big party at my mom and dad's house. I was telling my husband that it was the third happiest day of my life. The first was the day she was born, the second was the day of our wedding and I think it can only get better for the days that are coming. Lucia had the best day ever. I think we all went to bed with our faces hurting from all the smiles and all the laughter.

Here's (part of) our weekend in Instagram. 

Monica L. Shulman
My sister, brother-in-law and nieces gave Lucia these new wheels as part of her gift.  Yes, they spoil her and yes, she loves it.
Monica L. Shulman
Lucia in her stroller wearing her birthday shirt and a pink tutu that was a gift from my dear friend - it was a baby gift that finally fits my growing girl and we love it!
Monica L. Shulman
The child is obsessed with playing inside her laundry bag!  She loves it in there!!
Monica L. Shulman
One of over 70 balloons that I thought we needed for the party:)
Monica L. Shulman
One of the gifts my parents got for Lucia...because what baby girl doesn't love a 53 inch teddy bear?  God only knows where this guy will live inside our NYC apartment.
Monica L. Shulman
While the baby napped and I took a break from setting up, I went through my old closet and found my now vintage Nicole Miller dress that I LOVED and wore to a school dance in 1991.  I just aged myself...oh well.  I can't believe I was ever that tiny.
Monica L. Shulman
I wanted an animal themed cake and worked with the bakery to make a leopard print pattern on it.  LOVE it!
Monica L. Shulman
Balloons in a bag before we scattered them around the yard.
Monica L. Shulman
Party favors.

Monica L. Shulman
Party hats complete with green faux fur!
Monica L. Shulman

How about you?

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rebecca said...

i swear i'd kill my parents for getting that teddy bear.

TheBeautyFile said...

Best party ever!!!! We had such an amazing time, it was such a wonderful fiesta!! Also, side note, I die over your mom in her party dress and her platform flip flops. OMG!

Chessa! said...

rebecca, that bear is still sitting in my parents' living room. I don't even know how we're going to get it to our place! Where in the car will he sit?

Lisi, SO happy you were there to celebrate it with us. xoxo