Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lucia!

I cannot believe that my beautiful girl is one year old today! It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home and she was so teeny and here we are 365 days later celebrating the first year of her life. This year has been such a whirlwind and I've learned so much more about love, life and myself - it's a bit overwhelming.

We love you more than you can ever imagine, baby. Happy birthday! Let's celebrate!

Here are my two favorite photos of her from this week...can you guess how many I've taken in the last year?

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman
She LOVES her bath and she LOVES to brush her teeth! Good thing!!

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman
For once she didn't rip her hat off her head two seconds after I put it on her. She waits for me to get it on straight and tie the ribbon under her little chin, sing her a little song and then off it comes...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Oh and please don't forget, I've been nominated as a Top 25 Photographer Mom by Circle of Moms. I would really appreciate your vote over there! Click on the icon and you'll be right there or click here to be taken to my page. There are still five days to vote! Thank YOU!!

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