Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Photos

I was procrastinating last night while I was supposed to be processing photos and making deadlines when I came across these photos in my archive.

The Aloof

They are among some of the first digital images I ever shot. Even though I had my digital camera for over a year at this point I was still shooting film almost exclusively. I remember I felt like I was learning how to ride a bike. They say you never forget but to me it was as though I had never picked up a camera before. I obviously got the hang of it but on this day I was feeling so clumsy.

The Pretty

I fell in love with these animals who were grazing on a farm near Montauk on a very cold, wet and gray winter day. They were very patient with me and even stood around while I played with settings, fidgeted with the dials and tried to read the screen. I was with a friend and we climbed a fence to get closer when they started coming toward us. I barely noticed because I was looking down trying to figure out how to work my camera. I got nervous when I saw that they were coming closer but they were so calm and regal and humble that it moved me to keep shooting.

These are definitely not my best images but this day was so special to me that I love them anyway.

The Face

The Pair

The Stare

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