Friday, May 20, 2011


We are moving in ten days! I am so excited I can't even BEGIN to explain it. I have been packing up our space, where we lived for six wonderful years but I'm looking forward to our new apartment and new neighborhood...New! New! New! (Real) spring and summer are on the horizon, there are some exciting work things cooking and I'm just generally enjoying life as much as I can with my family and friends. yay!

I Happen to Like Purple.

So, what about you?

And in the mean time, here are some great posts from around the web to get your weekend started...

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You know I lovey LOVE my iPhone but you know I have love for the android are the top ten apps for Android users!
Speaking of iPhone lurve...I think I need this
I think I really need this macro love for my Fuji Instax and I think I really, really need Fuji Instax Mini in pink!
I want to sleep in this treehouse
Colorful bouncing balls! No,
How to extend your Facebook fan page with apps. Cool!

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