Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Peter Funch

I often rely on the women behind Honestly..WTF to show me all things fabulous, funny, random and beautiful and this recent post was all of those things at once.

Apparently there was a commercial that featured colorful bouncy balls rushing down the streets of San Francisco - I had never seen it but I'm so glad my eyes are feasting on it now. Remember those balls that cost you a quarter in one of those gumball machines at the supermarket? My mom never really let us get the gum or other candy but she always said yes to a little toy or ball for a quarter.

I loved them...so this commercial and the resulting photos are not only clever and whimsical but also nostalgic and sweet. Danish photographer Peter Funch was there to capture this major production. How awesome, no?

Peter Funch

Peter Funch

Peter Funch

Peter Funch

Peter has some pretty amazing and inspiring images on his website. Definitely check him out.

All images via Honestly..WTF and Lumas.

Oh, and definitely check out the making of this awesome commercial here. It was ALL real.  Amazeballs! Pun intended.

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Starbox said...

Fabulous! Tnx for sharing :)

This is Belgium said...

yes very awesome and super special indeed

TheBeautyFile said...

I saw this there, too and was floored. I don't even understand how they possibly coordinated this. OMG. The effort!!