Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ryan McGinley - Somewhere Place


I've featured photographer Ryan McGinley here before. What I love so much about his work is how you always get this sense of time bottled up - so many reviewers and admirers of his work have said it and it's true that he gives this feeling of being completely in the moment, whatever it is, and really living it and enjoying it.

His new exhibition, Somewhere Place, at the Galerie Gabriel Rolt in Amsterdam, is definitely darker than what he has done in the past and it's got a deep and purposeful cinematic quality that is a departure from his previous work. I personally do not love all of the photographs in the collection but I can appreciate them for what they are and I've always felt like art that "bothers" me or that I don't really understand is what moves me or at least reminds me that making art is not always about pleasing people. His photos always display this sense of adventure and of being free and here those ideas are somewhat literal since in some of the photographs live and wild-looking animals are "posing" with his human subjects.


You can read an interview of Ryan McGinley at Dazed Digital and see more photos on his site and Gabriel Rolt.



All images Copyright Ryan McGinley.

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