Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The New Neighborhood

We've lived in the same neighborhood for six years. About a month and a half ago we moved to a new part of town and we thought it would be temporary but as with all other things that change when you start a family, so does your living situation and need for space. In a couple of months we will be moving permanently and I've been out and about exploring the new area that we will be calling home. I am falling more and more in love with it every day even though I'm feeling nostalgic about where we used to live. But that's yet another great thing about living in New York - anywhere you want to be is just a subway ride away.

I've been out with my camera and taking note of all of the details - big and small.







Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman





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Summer Athena said...

i love all of your photos. you capture things in a way i never would.

i sense we may be kinda close to one another...maybe?

Christina said...

Are you down in Lower Manhattan now? If I ever convinced my hubby to move to NYC, that is definitely the area we would love in. I love the vibrancy and revitalization of that area!

dreamday said...

fresh, new, exciting!

Chessa! said...

Summer, let's go for a walk together.

Christina, it's a great neighborhood! and you could not have described it more perfectly.

Marni, yep, fresh start! x

wilybrunette said...

it looks gorgeous. lucky girl!

rebecca said...

i swear moving neighborhoods in NYC is the same as moving to a new state. so different from hood to hood.