Monday, April 04, 2011

Instagram Weekend

This weekend was just what we needed. We went out to Long Island to see my parents and then kept driving out to East Hampton. I was feeling unmotivated because it was raining and so gray but we went out anyway and on Saturday morning the sun was so bright I felt like a new person.

I took so many photos but these days I'm on the Instagram train. I have been having so much with this app on my iPhone. My iPhone will never replace my camera but if you've ever been to my blog before you know I love playing with the phone and the many different and some very cool apps that are out there. Instagram is absolutely free, easy and fast and the different filters are so fun to play around with. I also love that you're able to share it on so many different platforms all at the same time. Plus, users upload their photos in real-time so it's like getting glimpses of tiny moments in someone's life when they are actually happening. I've been sharing mostly on
Facebook and Twitter but you can also share on sites like Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr, among some others. Plus, you can interact with other users by following a person's stream and looking at what's currently popular across the site.

Sag Harbor.

It's just another way to share and use social media and as a photographer it's cool to take photos that seem so simple because of the camera used to take them but change them up with these cool filters...and, did I mention you can share them instantly? I'm already out there taking tons of photos with my phone (I have well over 2,000 photos and over 150 videos on my phone that I'm constantly backing up on my Mac) and chronicling my day and experiences and now I can share them instantly in a way that is different and faster than the other apps out there. Yes, you can upload photos to Facebook and use platforms like Twitpic for Twitter but Instagram does everything in one step....and I'm sort of stuck on those filters which just makes the app so fun!

On our way out of the city in the Midtown Tunnel.

Main Street in Sag Harbor.

Another thing that's fun for me personally, and this is not just about Instagram but about taking photos with my phone in general, is that it's really refreshing to just whip out the little phone and camera and snap thinking about things like composition and light only passively because it's in my nature and ingrained in me as a photographer. It's not like my goal is to always create a masterpiece when I'm out photographing but I tend to be a perfectionist and not having to think when I'm taking pictures all the time is liberating.


So here's my weekend in Instagram. There are more from my regular camera (and my iPhone!) but those might come later. In the meantime, I'm kind of in love with these and the memories that are recorded from this beautiful weekend with my little family.

New swing in the backyard.


The weekend started with rain and a long drive.


Pinwheels on Main Street.

Almost home!


Balloons in Tribeca.

lobster dinner - instagram
One downside that I haven't been able to figure out yet, is that when you take photos directly from the app, rather than first using your phone and then making a new photo from your album, is that the size is really, really small when you mail it. Any tips on how to change that, if it's even possible, would be great!

Check out this great article on Photojojo about Instagram and even more awesome things you can do with it like make books, stickers and search for photos based on location and other terms, and also on Independent Fashion Bloggers where I'm a contributor.

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