Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love Sunny Days and Flea Markets.

Apparently in my last post I was a bit confused and assumed that because we had one nice day in New York and it happens to be mid-April, spring has arrived. The sun has not shown its warm face since that day - just last Sunday. We are out on Long Island for the week and it is even grayer here. Sigh.

I'm looking at my photos from last Sunday and wondering when we'll have that weather again. Not soon enough.

One of my favorite things about spring in the city, other than seeing the blue sky, going to the park and enjoying bursts of brightly-colored flowers in an otherwise concrete jungle, is shopping at flea markets. We've acquired so many beautiful and unique things over the years - some favorites include a 1950s art deco mirror that only needed a little fixing in the back, a jade chess board and a 1980s black leather clutch complete with prom ticket in the inside pocket - and, this past Sunday we took Lucia for the first time. She was already completely over-stimulated from her first trip to the Museum of Natural History and a few licks of a Mr. Softee so she only last a few minutes before falling right to sleep in her stroller.


We left with a fantastic vintage map (1939) of southern New York state, New York City and Long Island. This one is even more unusual because it is cut as a perfect square rather than the typical rectangular cut of maps. I absolutely love maps...and globes. I like to play that game where you spin the globe and stop it with your finger so you can discover a new, random place. I have to find a frame for it and as soon as I do, it's going right up on the wall.



Here are some photos of our visit to a flea on the upper west side. I think I have to go back and explore some more. So many treasures to be found there...






Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman







Copyright Monica L. Shulman



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