Friday, April 15, 2011


I think spring is finally here. I think.

We're getting out and enjoying this lovely weather - I love the in-between of fall and spring. That time of year when you can take a stroll for hours and just get lost in the energy of the city without feeling too cold or too hot or too too.

Isn't this one of your favorite times of year? I think a visit to a museum is in order - I feel like I need a super dose of creative inspiration. Since I had the baby I'm always looking for new ways to engage her that both of us will enjoy. It's great to watch her fiddle with and explore her toys but I'm most fascinating by her reactions to every day things like a spoon or the pictures on mommy's iPhone or her cup and baby mirror. I love when she's in the middle of something and then she looks up at me or her dad as if to say "this is SO cool! I love it!" - she has this huge smile on her face like she discovered the most amazing thing and she wants to share it with us.

She also loves to look at the different paintings and photos we have on our walls at home. I find myself studying them along with her and discovering new things that I hadn't noticed before. I feel such a need to get back to basics and to get reacquainted with these little details of life that may be common and mundane for us grown-ups but are brand-new and down right thrilling for babies.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all take a moment and do that?

Happy Friday!

Here are a few great things from around the web to start your weekend right...

Gilt City New York has some awesome offers going on right now including 57% off a boudoir photo shoot. I'm still trying to shed the baby weight so I'm not quite "photo shoot" ready but unleash your inner pin-up and check this puppy out!

I'm seriously in awe of Jaime Beck and her beautiful cinemagraphs. Never seen them? You're missing out!

Rollei telephoto lens for iPhone 4.0 = awesomeness.

Photographers, the deadline for the Art of Photography Show is May 17th! Don't miss it!!

I heart Coco Rocha. That is all.

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A guy who meticulously covers himself in paint to take a photograph? Yes, please.

I'm a little bit obsessed with these two bloggers who share all things art, design, photography, fashion and general fabulousness on Honestly...WTF.

Is creativity learned?


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