Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This is Deborah Parkin

I recently found Deborah Parkin's images online. Her work, is my new obsession. Last night I was feeling uninspired and so I just started clicking through some of my favorite blogs when I found a link to her portfolio site. From there I went straight to her blog and an hour later I was still there reading and studying. Her blog is so thoughtful and insightful - I am just so intrigued by her.

Deborah has been working on a project called "Childhood Narratives" for several years and the work that I found myself most drawn to is from her Memory and September is the Cruelest Month series. In Memory she draws upon her own feelings of childhood. Her children are her subjects but they portray her own memories. September is the Cruelest Month is a series of images taken of her children during the summer of 2010 - in a sense simply recording their own memories. Her current camera of choice seems to be a 4x5 large format camera and she uses Fuji’s instant black and white film.


Her photographs are at once haunting and beautiful. When I look at some of them I feel uncomfortable and even sad but they are also hopeful. I am so drawn to work that makes me feel that push and pull. She simply adores her children and she is so honest about motherhood and parenting. I found myself relating to her so much in the way that she feels about her kids and what her hopes and dreams are for them - she wants them to have a childhood and their own hopes and dreams which I suppose is ultimately at the root of what all parents want.


Anyway, Deborah Parkin's images inspire me beyond words so I'll just stop here and encourage you to come to our own conclusions about them.



See her blog and portfolio.
All images Copyright Deborah Parkin.

Images via Deborah Parkin and
Please Sir.



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