Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Katarina Šoškić

Vienna-based, Serbian-born graphic designer/photographer Katarina Šoškić does not own a digital camera. She takes all of her images using analogue to capture what she describes as the "human touch". Her photos evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy with their soft colors and smooth, low contrast, black, white and gray.

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She fell in love with photography when she was a teenager and I love how she describes her picture-taking. "Analogue, in this way I am using it, makes me really relaxed and without this pressure that I am doing something very important. So, I just take pictures." (via Dazed Digital) It really is refreshing when you think about this easy concept of shooting a roll of film on a simple camera with its limited number of exposures and the lack of control over what comes out of a little, plastic box as compared with the seeming endless supply of files that you can shoot with a digital camera.

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I sort of miss the simplicity of going out with my pocket camera, my holga (I REALLY have to dust that one off) and my SLR and 36 exposures. I miss the anticipation of seeing my prints long after I've shot the images and also pushing myself to take a better photo without really knowing what I'm going to get. Nowadays I'm playing around with my instax but I'm feeling inspired to get back to basics and do more after seeing these experimental, grainy and dreamy photos by this artist.

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See more and read the interview at Dazed Digital.

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Images via Dazed Digital.

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