Monday, February 28, 2011

Ciao, Chessa!

The last few weeks have been crazy. When we got back from Argentina I went straight to trying to figure out the balance (for the 5,983,231st time) between being a mom and working, with New York Fashion Week and then my dad had a major surgery that had been planned for last week (he's doing great and back home). Things were very stressful so I decided that the best thing to do was to just take a week to regroup. And, this week, as if everything hasn't been turned upside down enough, I have to relocate my family to a temporary apartment while there is work done in our building that will prevent us from staying here. So now I have to pack our home with just the essentials for the next three months - this includes clothing of course but Lucia's entire room and my home office. Ack! It has been the perfect storm and I'm already looking forward to next week when it will truly be the calm (fingers crossed). Well, it has to be because it can't get any crazier.

But back to business! I've gotten a lot of emails about this photo that I took as a fun abstract during New York Fashion Week. So many inquiries that I decided to offer it in 8x12 in an open edition small format on my Etsy page. It looks really cool in print! Check it out in my Etsy shop because like my other 8x12 open editions, it's only $30!

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman - NYFW - IFB

I'm excited because going forward I've decided to feature a new photographer every Wednesday! I've been profiling photographers who I admire and who inspire me for a while here but now I'll be doing it weekly. You can check out who I've featured here so far...Photographer Profiles

I'll also be having some really fun and exciting book reviews and giveaways, I'll be writing guest posts on other sites and I'm hoping to share some new work. And, on Fridays I will do a round-up of the best art and photography posts and stories from around the web.

I'm feeling really inspired lately and a lot of it is coming from being a new mother. I'm also getting a lot of inspiration from New York. I always relied on my city for motivation but now so more than in a long time. I'm looking forward to spring and to new beginnings and a lot of very exciting things for this blog, my work and my website, which is going to go under a redesign very soon.

So stay tuned...great (and cool!) things are coming!

Happy Monday!

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