Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Nirrimi

Yesterday I came across this tremendously talented teenage photographer when I was browsing the pages of one of my favorite blogs, The Glamourai. Kelly is an amazing curator and she has such a keen eye for finding and sharing beautiful fashion and art and jewels and photography. I fell into the abyss, like I often do, pointing and clicking, studying, admiring. After taking the time to look at Nirrimi's work for myself I have yet another new favorite photographer.

After seeing her work and spending some time reading her blog, I find her young and a bit naive but also wise and incredibly thoughtful. She is 18 and she is profound and provocative - I love the freshness of her photographs and her writing. I also love that her photographs tell stories that perhaps only an older person could tell - she seems to me to be a a young, old soul.

Her blog is aptly named We Live Young. She's fantastic.


Go see for yourself on Nirrimi's website, Nirrimi's blog and
Nirrimi's flickr.


after dark


All images Copyright Nirrimi and via Nirrimi's website,
Nirrimi's blog and Nirrimi's flickr.

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