Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Prints on Etsy!!!

I have new prints in my Etsy shop! Come check it out!


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Paperless Post

I recently learned about this awesome new website, The Paperless Post. The Paperless Post is a website where users design and send cards digitally without sacrificing the traditions of classic, custom stationery. As a chic, eco-friendly, affordable way to send invitations and cards online, Paperless Post provides a means for senders to communicate with the personalization and thoughtfulness of paper, but the ease and efficiency of email. Its converts include Nobel Prize winners, brides from the East to West coast, parents throwing birthday parties, members of the British Royal family, singles, couples, friends, and Hollywood notables. Perfect for those with the most discerning taste -- Paperless Post is free to join, and there are 25 free stamps included with sign-up.

Cool, huh?


Check out these samples...


Basically you, choose a photo that you love, customize the back of the card with your personal message and then deliver the card immediately to your recipients...






All photos via Paperless Post.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the Details

If you're not paying attention it's very easy to miss the details. Life would certainly be boring (and definitely not as colorful) without them.

These are some images that I shot while out and about in the Hamptons on my vacation earlier this month.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman


Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hip! Hip! Stamatic

When we were in the Hamptons I lugged my beautiful
Nikon with me every where we went - the beach, the farm stand, the supermarket. I also counted on my
iPhone for some photography goodness. Since the babe was born of course she's been the center of my world and my literal focus through my lens but since she was asleep on almost every single outing we took while out at the beach, I turned my lens to other subjects.

I've been going through all of my personal photos from that lovely trip with my husband and our new baby and I almost forgot about these beautiful pictures I took with my iPhone. I am obsessed with the Hipstamatic app. I have definitely professed my love for my iPhone camera and Hipstamatic here before and can you blame me? Take a look at these fabulous and fun photographs that I shot with my little magic phone.

Happy Monday!

My HipstaPrint 0Ditch Plains, Montauk

My HipstaPrint 1If you follow this blog you may have seen this little house before. I'll share some more photos of it later this week.

My HipstaPrint 6

My HipstaPrint 1It's fall!

My HipstaPrint 0Salad I made with delicious heirloom tomatoes from the farm stand.

My HipstaPrint 2Main Beach, East Hampton

My HipstaPrint 4Southampton random road.

My HipstaPrint 5Southampton random road.

My HipstaPrint 2Farm stand pretties.

My HipstaPrint 3Flower fields, Montauk Highway (Route 27) Bridgehampton

My HipstaPrint 3Main Beach, East Hampton

My HipstaPrint 8Southampton random road

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Bed Time

I'm pretty sure that Lucia's favorite time of day is the morning when we bring her from her nursery to hang out with us in our bedroom. Her dad and I talk about the day and a million random things while I feed her or do a little dance with her toys. When daddy leaves for work I sing to her and tell her about our plans for the day and what we will see on our morning walk. After a while she's pooped and she quietly nestles in for her morning nap - sometimes I even take advantage and close my eyes for a bit too. This has become our routine and I love it as much as she does.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

This weekend we plan on having some quality bed time.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

What are your plans?

Happy weekend!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Serene and Out of Control

Nothing relaxes me more than staring out into a calm ocean. Conversely, there are many things that make my heart beat faster and one of them is the energy of an excited and angry ocean. The feeling is so overwhelming. It's amazing that one day the landscape is so serene and another it is roaring and completely out of control. I'm not really saying anything particularly remarkable but when I think about it, it's really stunning how one place can evoke so many feelings.

I took this photo last week at Ditch Plains in Montauk...

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

The same location where I took this photo almost exactly one year before...

...feeling alive...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Mean, Really.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

I've been taking a lot photographs of my daughter lately. It's a wonder I get anything else done.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Still Summer

It was such a glorious weekend. It's hard to believe it's fall. Ironically the weather at the beach in the Hamptons last week was not great but as soon as we return to the city it's like summer never left us. It's mid-September and it feels like August...not that I'm complaining. Apparently most New Yorkers aren't.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman

I took these before we left for our trip last week in Washington Square Park.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Giant Bathtub

Today is the last day of our vacation. Whenever we go on a trip and this day comes around I find myself feeling sad and melancholy and not at all ready to go back home. But not this time. We had such a wonderful and relaxing rest. Mostly we just lounged around, played with the baby and went for long drives and walks and just spent time together. I know that we will be back in just a few weeks so I am eager to get back to the city, take the baby on strolls through her familiar streets and parks and feel excited about bringing her back here for little getaways.

We took her to the beach a few times. She mostly slept through the visits either in her car seat while we picnicked in the lot facing the ocean or in her bjorn while we walked along the shore. She stared intently and turned her head toward my chest when the breeze picked up. It seemed like she barely blinked while the water came in and out and the seagulls seemed to do a choreographed song and dance above our heads. She smiled while we kissed her face and she kicked furiously as she stared out into what I guess she thought was a giant bathtub waiting for her to come play.


Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman


I took these images on the beach in Montauk. She was sleeping in the car and her dad stayed with her while I went out to shoot before a storm rolled in. The seagulls were fishing and the wind was pretty strong. About ten minutes after we left the beach it started to pour.

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