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Andy Adams, the editor at Flak Photo, is having a call for WINTER PICTURES to feature in Flak Photo's holiday email update this year. This is right up my alley since clearly, subzero temperatures not withstanding, I love winter and, if you follow this blog, you know I love me some
Flak Photo.

Ah, winter. It is so cold out. The wind and the chill hits you like a ton of bricks. If you don't wear gloves you feel like your fingers might turn to icicles. If you don't wear a hat your ears feel like they might freeze off. Brrr! Yet somehow I'm always out there with my camera ready to capture the feeling of winter and how inspiring and beautiful it is.

There are so many reasons why I love it. Because when it snows it is so eerily quiet that you forget you are so cold, even in the city; because at night when you're warm in your bed the wind outside your window lulls you to sleep; because when it snows you feel like a little kid again since it's perfectly acceptable to make snow angels and capture flakes on your tongue; because seeing everything so icy and blue and cold makes me long for summer and makes me think of how incredible it is that the weather can change so drastically in just a few months; just...because.

It appears that my infant daughter loves it too because although she does not like the bundling preparation that goes on inside our apartment, once we get outside and she feels that chill on her little face, she literally nestles right in to her fleece cover up, snuggles her pink cashmere blanket and leans her tiny head back into her giant hat and takes a nap. She whines every second that I'm putting on her various layers but then the minute we get outside she's in heaven and just waiting for me to put her plastic protector over her stroller so she can take a snooze. She stayed awake long enough to see her first snow the other day and she was mesmerized. She looked up at the sky, then at me, then at the sky again, then at me with the most inquisitive and pensive look on her tiny baby face. I got the goosebumps more from that interaction than the fact that it was so bitter outside.

You can email your submissions to the attention of editor Andy Adams at:

I'm still deciding what to send but these are my contenders...

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Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Central Park Winter


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