Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lenscratch Exhibition Opportunities

Aline Smithson, the photographer (featured here) behind one of my favorite photography blogzines, Lenscratch, is creating exposure opportunities for photographers with group on-line

Photographers will be allowed ONE entry per exhibition and ALL photographs will be published. How amazing is that? This is a tremendous opportunity for your work to be viewed. You can find the guidelines below.

I am finding it impossible to choose a personal favorite from the thousands, yes thousands, of images that I have shot over the last year. My life has changed so much in the last 12 months and particularly the last 6 with the much anticipated arrival of our beautiful Lucia. So far I am in between these two images from my personal archives.

If photography is one thing it is most certainly personal - I always find myself wondering what compelled a person to photograph something. If a moment moves me I need to capture it and in 2010, at least the second half of it, I found myself staring at my daughter more than anything else. The irony is that I didn't always capture the moment with her - I was recording it in my mind forever - staring and staring, watching her sleep, watching her try to figure out a new toy, watching her stare at the shadows on the ceiling. But, of course I have taken what I consider to be some very special and touching and telling images. Here are two in particular, one of which I will likely submit.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. ShulmanLucia waking up from a nap on our bed.
I had been watching her sleep and then she opened her eyes, lifted her little head and gave me the most beautiful and purposeful, toothless grin.

Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman
My beautiful niece Paloma meeting Lucia for the first time only 12 hours after she was born.
I took this photo with my point and shoot. I had just finished nursing Lucia for the second time since she was born when Paloma and my sister walked in. Paloma just stared and was so curious and happy. The look on her face is something that I will never forget. She looked at me, looked at the baby, looked at her was just too much for all of us. I felt that she felt love.

Submission Guidelines:

Image size: 72dpi at 1000px on the long side
Send name, title, location, and link to your work (website or other)
In the subject of your e-mail, type the name of the exhibition (FAMILY, etc) and e-mail
If your images are sized incorrectly or the submission is incomplete, they will not be posted.

Submission Categories and Due Dates:

Due Date: December 27th
Send your FAVORITE image that you took in 2010. Post will run on New Year's Day

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