Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Winter.

Here in New York City we are recovering this week from a giant
blizzard. Sunday morning we went to brunch with the baby and it started snowing and basically it didn't stop until early Monday morning. It is now Wednesday and the city is still a mess. I haven't taken Lucia out since Sunday and it's starting to make her a little nutty. I went out yesterday by myself to do some reconnaissance and while some of the sidewalks are clean they are terribly icy not to mention the fact that the pathways opened up to access the street are WAY too narrow for a stroller and the snow is piled so high on the paths that it looks like a bunch of mountains that are about to topple. It is ridiculous. This is Manhattan for God's sake! I'm going to attempt to at least walk her around the block today. My sweet girl - she usually goes out twice a day and she loves it! She's a city girl, after all!

In the meantime, I spent some time at C'etait Salement Romantique last night and it calmed me down a bit and reminded me that I actually love winter. It can be quite beautiful actually. And another thing, the site is full of so much loveliness and Paris! that my mood was instantly lifted. It is absolutely one of my new favorite places.













Thanks to Bee for introducing me to this
amazing place.

All images via C'etait Salement Romantique.


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