Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Eve Story: Fifth Avenue and Holiday Windows and Crying Babies and Bold Husbands and New Traditions

Bergdorf Goodman

My visit uptown to see the holiday windows was a bit different this year than in years past. You might know my fondness for this New York holiday tradition and of course, since everything changes when you have a baby, this was no exception.

We visited my sister and two beautiful nieces during the afternoon on Christmas Eve and since it was time for Lucia's nap when we were about to leave we decided that it might be fun if we let her fall asleep in the car while we drove up the West Side Highway and then down Fifth Avenue to look at the windows. She usually falls right to sleep the second we turn the key but of course on this day she had other plans.

She would not stop crying. She cried when we put her in the car seat. She cried when she saw that I was planning on sitting in the front seat with her daddy rather than in the back seat with her. She cried when I tried to sshhh her from the front seat and dangled a rattle, Sophie la giraffe and her plastic links over her. She cried when I tried to giver her a paci and take her hat off. She would not stop crying. At a red light on the West Side Highway I decided to go sit with her in the back. She protested some more just to let me know how mad she was.

When we finally reached 58th Street my husband was just so happy to get us to Fifth Avenue. I wanted to take photos and she was mellow. There was a traffic cop who was not letting people pass. We waited to make a right to go south on Fifth for over 15 minutes when a cop wouldn't let us turn. He was making every one continue east. The husband would not take no for an answer - "I am turning down Fifth. I came to see the windows and the tree with my wife and daughter, my friend. We're turning down Fifth." The guy was just sort of dumbfounded that someone talked back to him and he was likely so tired of silly tourists that he was happy to be in contact with a bold New Yorker.

We saw the windows and our vantage point was very different than in past years. Usually we'd be on the sidewalk, with the tourists and other New Yorkers. I watched from the car and even though I wished I was closer I quite enjoyed not having to push my way up to the front. I opened the window and the baby smiled loving the fresh air on her little face. She could hear the bells and the music coming from the stores even though she couldn't see any of it. She was smiling now and so we kept the windows open and decided that this would be a new tradition that we would enjoy with her. Thanks to my favorite lens I was able to capture some of the windows and their beautiful details but to be honest I was more focused on the smiling face seated next me. Next year will be different and no less memorable.

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Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

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Bergdorf Goodman's windows are always my favorite and since I was on the right side of the car as we drove down they were also the easiest to year I'm promising more variety but for right now I'm loving sharing these with you...





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