Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A First Time in Central Park

Today I'm taking Lucia to Central Park for the first time. Maybe she'll just sleep through the entire stroll but I'm just so excited to take her there.

I want to show her the way the world looks during my favorite time of year - she's so alert - she loves bright colors, she opens her eyes wide when a siren is near, when she sees a squirrel, when we go to the park near our home to look at the fountain and as she's staring at it the water shoots up high. She now sits all the way up in her stroller and voices her opinion about the plastic protection I put up to guard her from the cold and the wind - and when I open it up she whines about the cold! She greets every one she sees with a smile and she seems mesmerized by the light and wind in the leaves on the trees. It's so incredible to watch...I feel like I am seeing everything for the first time through her eyes. I'm so excited about this day!

Here are some photos I took on past visits to Central ones to follow...



bubble machine

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