Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday was a most auspicious day. October 10, 2010. 101010.

How awesome is that?

What did you do to celebrate the occasion? We spent the morning hanging out at home, singing songs, playing on the floor and snuggling and we spent the afternoon walking around downtown - we walked down Fifth Avenue and went to Washington Square Park to watch the street performers, then we walked home and had lunch on the sidewalk near our apartment. It was a perfect fall day with my little family.

The folks over at Flickr encouraged every one with a camera to help record it by taking a photo or video and sharing it on
Flickr. They wanted everyone to photograph their
everyday routine, special occasion...they really want to see it all! They'll be doing a post with photos from the day on the Flickr blog.

I definitely took a lot of photos that are now sitting in my camera and my goal this week is to actually get to them so that I can post them to Flickr and share in the 101010 fun!

So get to it! If you took photos yesterday, upload them to Flickr and remember to tag them with “101010″ and add it to one of the 10/10/10 groups...

* 10/10/10 A most auspicious day
* 101010 – Flickr Project
* AM GMT ART project
* Flickr 10-10-10

By the way, you can see my Flickr photos here if you want to:)


Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks

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