Friday, September 17, 2010

The Giant Bathtub

Today is the last day of our vacation. Whenever we go on a trip and this day comes around I find myself feeling sad and melancholy and not at all ready to go back home. But not this time. We had such a wonderful and relaxing rest. Mostly we just lounged around, played with the baby and went for long drives and walks and just spent time together. I know that we will be back in just a few weeks so I am eager to get back to the city, take the baby on strolls through her familiar streets and parks and feel excited about bringing her back here for little getaways.

We took her to the beach a few times. She mostly slept through the visits either in her car seat while we picnicked in the lot facing the ocean or in her bjorn while we walked along the shore. She stared intently and turned her head toward my chest when the breeze picked up. It seemed like she barely blinked while the water came in and out and the seagulls seemed to do a choreographed song and dance above our heads. She smiled while we kissed her face and she kicked furiously as she stared out into what I guess she thought was a giant bathtub waiting for her to come play.


Copyright 2010 Monica L. Shulman


I took these images on the beach in Montauk. She was sleeping in the car and her dad stayed with her while I went out to shoot before a storm rolled in. The seagulls were fishing and the wind was pretty strong. About ten minutes after we left the beach it started to pour.

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