Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Visit to China

Today's Guest Post is courtesy of the lovely and talented Amy from
On Montague. Please be sure to visit her blog to read her incredibly inspiring posts and to see her magical images. Thank you, Amy!


When Monica asked me to be a guest blogger for Ciao, Chessa! I was instantly excited. Then remembered that I had dropped my camera on the Great Wall of China a few months prior and it was going to take a while for the big hole/gash in my camera to be fixed. So with your leave, I will share a few photos from that fateful trip... starting off with the last shot I took just before I tumbled on some concrete stairs.

just before i dropped my camera

China was truly magical. So completely foreign to me, in so many beautiful ways, yet so welcoming that I felt at home in ways I've not experienced elsewhere.

Maybe it was the drastically different and magnificent scenery.



Or maybe the small snippets of every day life, from the organized madness of Beijing, to the laid back bucolic beauty of Yangshuo.


citrus on a bike.

afternoon storm.

But I think it was actually the people we met. Straightforward and to the point, but truly open to you, happy to meet and engage with you.





fluff maker.

Thank you Monica - for letting me come here and share a bit of my travels!

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