Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Spectators in the City

I can hardly believe that summer is almost officially over. Here in New York we usually get lucky and the hot days continue well into September - I think a lot of New Yorkers will welcome the fall this year not only because it's one of the most beautiful times of year here but also because this has been one damn hot summer! Lucia was actually born in the middle of a crazy heat wave and as soon as the temperature hovered around 90 instead of 100 we took her out for a little while for some fresh air in the early morning and late afternoon.

This baby loves to be outdoors! We go out every single day at least once and she really enjoys cruising around in her stroller and in her baby bjorn carrier (that thing is like a mute button for her!) This week I'm planning on walking her over to Washington Square Park. We can sit in the shade and watch and listen to the big kids splashing around in the fountain.

I took this photo last year at the park. It was part of an Urban Summer series that I worked and when she's bigger I'll take her there so she can splash around but for now we'll just be spectators to all the summer fun.

In the Urban Summer VI

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