Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New England Inspiration

I've featured Mary from
It's Pretty Good here before. Her own images are beautiful and moving and I love to see where she gets her own inspiration from...Thanks for being a guest blogger, Mary!


Living in New England, I get to experience four distinct seasons and I wouldn't have it any other way. But if there's one thing that I wish would linger all year 'round, it's the easy, relaxed vibe of summer. Barefoot in a beach house stocked with just enough wine glasses and plates for sharing dinner with friends is the life I crave.

These images, for me, are the epitome of summertime living: easy, subdued, and relaxed. I want to leap inside each one.

Image credits: (1) Our Labor Of Love / (2) Anna Kieblesz / (3) Matt Albiani /
(4) thresca / (5)
Camilla Akrans / (6)
Simon Brown for Easy Cottage Style

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