Monday, August 30, 2010

Instant Photos? Yes, please!

I have definitely professed my undying love for Photojojo here before. I mean as a photographer, photo enthusiast and lover of cool stuff, how can I not love Photojojo? Impossible.

When I saw this post on their newsletter in my inbox last week I literally "woohoo"ed!

Yes, I have my old school polaroid (that I'm not sure even works anymore but is sitting prominently in my office) but sometimes we all need an upgrade. Enter
Fuji’s Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera. How awesome is this?


Like the great people at Photojojo said: This insta-sharp-shooter promises all the best of its instant photo predecessors, and then some:

You get the magic moment of watching a photo develop right before your eyes and the added bonus of gorgeous, colorful wide prints! (Not to mention easy-to-find film!)

In 5 minutes, you’ll have prints ready to color your wall, decorate your desk, and pretty much make life happier in general.



Mine should arrive any day now. Woohoo!

Photos via Photojojo.

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