Friday, August 06, 2010

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

This week we close off with the lovely Marni from
Dream Day Musings. I hope you all enjoy the weekend...


Every bicycle has a story.

one that lies ahead and one behind.

  the story of the instructor holding on and encouraging

while timing

the perfect moment to let go.

the other of the novice learning and internalizing
 the perfect pairing of relaxed balance

and purposeful pedaling.

i sense mystery and romance
in a photograph of a bicycle waiting for it's

owner's return.

i think that is what drew me to

the possibilities in this moment
framed by monica in italy.
the first of many i fell in love with here at

ciao chessa.

back at home, on a local blog i frequent, i found this beauty.
i'm enchanted by the texture, chalky color and dimension of this
photograph taken in my own "backyard"
by this photographer.

blue bliss,
phoenix in the springtime...
dreamy indeed.

 pedaling off to other places
and appreciating
the whimsy of bicycles in print...

this poster
by jason munn
at the small stakes

hello-bike notecards
by tim fite 
letterpress printed at enormous champion

...and in song