Friday, August 20, 2010

How Freedom and Love Feel

Another weekend here already? Not that I'm complaining but these days I feel like time is just going by so quickly. Over the last eight weeks my life has been a series of naps and feeding times, walks in the park, lullabies and story times and happy, silly tunes, rinse, repeat. It has been amazing. So different than my life before and even more wonderful.

One thing that I am really looking forward to is our first trip to the beach with Lucia. Of course we have had many trips in the car, visits to her grandparents (how lucky is she to have two grandmas, two grandpas, three great grandmas and one great grandpa?), visits to see her cousins, but no beach trip yet. Of course she is still teeny tiny but in just two weeks we will be taking her to our home away from home and our favorite beach in East Hampton. I've already told her all about it - the smell of the ocean so fresh - I tell her it smells like how freedom and love feel, the sound the waves make when they go in and out, the call of the seagulls cruising above the surf, the breeze as it touches your face and blows through your hair. I tell her stories of picnics and frisbees, jumping waves and long walks on the shore, seeing shapes in the clouds and sand in your toes. She stares intently and tries to mimic the shape of my mouth, she coos and ahs and I can tell she is excited even though she doesn't know what I am really telling her.


I can't wait to see the look of wonder on her little baby face. I can't wait to capture this place, one of my favorites, with my camera again. Having her there with us I know that it will feel like the first time for me again.

Happy weekend...

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