Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your Photos in Your Home

Today I'm really excited that Megan, one of the two
Bon Bon Rose Girls, is making a cameo on Ciao, Chessa!


Hi guys, I’m super stoked to be here while Monica is off cuddling with the adorable Lucia! That is one gorgeous bambina! Well we all know the apple doesn’t fall far…

Last year my husband and I moved into a new home. After living in the heart of Washington, DC for several years we decided to relocate to Annapolis. It’s been a great change that’s meant more green space, farmers markets and smiling waitresses. I’m not kidding, imagine smiling waitresses everywhere you go! So freaky to a city girl!

The change also came with a lot more square footage and even more wall space! So much so that I was a little intimidated. I like to make each space personal and I want people to walk in our house and feel our personalities, but as a couple we can only agree on so much artwork! What’s a girl to do?! However, we found that one great and fairly inexpensive way to fill the space beautifully has been through using our own photography as art. Sure, Monica is super talented and has amazing photos, and even my own husband is a photojournalist with fab shots, but these days you don’t have to be a professional to get out the camera and take frame-worthy shots. Sometimes just a simple walk can yield amazing images of bright flowers and shimmering blue skies.

We do have a photo printer at home but it only prints up to 11x17. Rather for large oversized shots we take the image to a specialty photo shop, which will typically run about $100 for a poster size foam-mounted print. Nearly every city has one and if you’re in the DC area we use Chrome in Georgetown.

Megan - BBRG

Then while shopping I keep my eyes peeled for frame deals. Sometimes that means frames like this one that I picked up at Michaels for a mere $20, and other times it might mean looking at a great frame and realizing that I can swap out the image for my own for a steal.

Regardless using your own photos will bring a magical touch to corners of your space that would otherwise be left feeling a little blah. The best part is they are easy to switch out and when friends ask who the artist is you can point to yourself!

Megan - BBRG

Megan - BBRG

ps – Don’t forget to sign the matte, after all you are the artist!

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Kristin said...

I've always loved that first pic. It lends such a great pop of color!

dreamday said...

love this post megan! i'm ready to follow your advice after seeing what you've great is that first pic for the kitchen??? love it. we've been to annapolis once and stayed in a b&b above a little deli. it was such a great trip i felt like i was on a movie set. it's dreamy that you actually live there!

Anaiz said...

That's a great idea. I had never really thought of putting up my photos as art. I just might try it :)

jolie jamie said...

I put up my photos in my tiny brooklyn apt, and I put up my roommates drawings. She is always embarrassed when people ask who the artist was and I point to her (her secret talent/hobby)

And I love to showcase my own photos in my home! Great post! :)

rebecca said...

fab pics! good job!

Katie said...

This is inspiring and a great reminder to people to do something with their own photos and artwork.

I can't wait to someday move out of my small apartment in the city and have some nice wall space (and furniture) like yours!