Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Garance Dore

And today we have a wonderful guest post from the always fashionable and fabulous Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls...thanks, Kristin!

When Miss Monica asked me to guest post on Ciao, Chessa!, I was elated and crazy nervous at the same time. If you read her blog, then clearly you know how incredibly brilliant and talented she is. Oh and not to make ya'll jealous, or anything, but I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is just as sweet as she looks! So, in spite of the fact that I'm a tad jumpy over Monica entrusting her beloved blog to me...I'm going to attempt to do her justice here.

I'm not overly knowledgeable when it comes to photography. I know what I think is pretty or interesting, and therefore what I like, and that's about the extent of it. This is why artist/photographer Garance Dore is right up my alley. Not only is she a magnificent fashion illustrator,

but she captures gorgeous real life looks and displays them on her delicious blog. La blog is both pretty, interesting and so much more. I could spend hours pouring over the images. Here is a little sampling of my favorites...

Did I mention that she is half of a fashion photog blogging super couple? In case you didn't know...the other half is this charming fellow!

All images via Garance Dore

Can you just imagine the creative genius that the offspring of The Sart and Garance would possess? It boggles the mind!

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