Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ever been in a situation where you have so much to do that you don't know where to begin? That's where I am right now on top of having an apartment/home office in complete disarray since we've been doing work to get ready for baby and I'm 8+ months pregnant.

I finally got my new desk yesterday but somehow am still sitting on my couch typing this because the office is such a mess that I go in there and can't even think straight. Never mind the fact that I feel so tired. What keeps me sane and makes me laugh to myself out loud are the constant nudges and somersaults of my beautiful girl motivating me to keep going and reminding me to lighten up and relax.

So since I need a bit of distraction today, I'm turning to a great source. Check out the work of polaroid photographer and dream maker Jenifer Altman. She is the woman behind one of my favorite blogs, Nectar and Light and you can also see her portfolio site here.

I always feel like I'm spying on a private moment when I'm gazing at her photographs. It's like I'm peering into a daydream or some sort of land of make believe. Her site is definitely my go to destination for inspiration and sheer beauty. Plus, I love looking at and studying her portraits and have learned so much from her - her style and aesthetic has really informed my own work.






All photos Copyright Jenifer Altman and via Jenifer Altman and
Nectar and Light.

Happy Wednesday...


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