Monday, May 24, 2010

Feeling Lost About Lost?


If you're like me (and about 99% of people), you dedicated your night last night to the Lost series finale. Also, if you're like me, you cried your eyes out but also walked away still feeling a bit confused. Among the many questions I was hoping would be answered:

Who are these people?

What is the smoke monster?

What is the loophole for killing Jacob?

Who the hell is Jacob anyway?

What is this place?

What's with the Others, the Dharma Initiative, the time travel, the polar bears, the electromagnetic energy?

I guess I could say that I am mildly satisfied with the ending. There won't be any spoilers here...mostly because I've always found it difficult to properly articulate my thoughts about this show and the plotlines and twists. But also because, come on, this is a photography blog (usually)!

Some of my recent favorite images are from a shoot for blog by Mark Seliger, one of my favorite photographers.


Also, one of my favorite blogs to read about lost is the
Vanity Fair Blog, so check that out

Here's an excerpt from the interview and a peek at some of the photographs.

Lost has been one of the highest-rated TV dramas since making its debut, in 2004, with a U.S. viewing audience that has ranged from 11 million to 23 million and a greater combined number of viewers tuning in from an estimated 160 countries around the world, but with its crazy sci-fi philosophy, head-scratching supernatural elements, and impossible-to-track plotlines, it's really a cult show at heart. Die-hard fans have learned the secret handshake, while casual viewers look in from time to time and pose questions like “Wait, did that guy just turn into smoke?”

Photos and text via Vanity Fair.


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