Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Art and Animals

We're in the process of getting the Little's nursery together and it's so much fun. I'm not really into themed anything, especially home design, so I love the idea of creating a whimsical and non-themed space for our girl. I'm having a great time doing it. At some point I will definitely post photos of the finished room but in the meantime, I'm looking around for some beautiful and fun art that she can enjoy now and when she grows up and that doesn't scream nursery or baby.

I remembered reading about photographer Sharon Montrose in an issue of PDN a while back and I recently came upon her blog and her Etsy shop. Sharon is a french-fry loving (me too!) Los Angeles-based animal photographer. She also photographs families and children but from her bio and her websites, it's clear (to me, at least) that animals are her favorite subject. She also makes it clear on her site that all of the animals photographed are real and not taxidermied and nor were they harmed in any way.

Take some time to look through her pieces which to me are really creative and humorous and childlike but also serious art without taking itself too seriously. Does that make sense? In my mind it does. I can imagine hanging these in my office or den, not just in the Little's room. I'm thinking of getting three and hanging them just above the dresser/changing table.


I'm absolutely in love with the giraffe and we're still deciding over the others. What do you think?




Images via Sharon's Sharon Montrose shop where she sells small format, open edition prints. You can also learn about purchasing limited edition, large format prints here. Visit her website and blog too! She's everywhere!


Images Copyright Sharon Montrose.

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These are so cute!Love the giraffe!



TheBeautyFile said...

The giraffe is amazing!!!

dreamday said...

i want to reach up and scratch the giraffe's neck. sweet!

The Lil Bee said...

The giraffe is so cool. How neat that she captured him stretching like that! Devon has three giraffe stuffed animals. I think they were popular last fall or something! She loves all three.

Lila said...

I love the baby giraffe. I think that's definitely my pick!
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The Photodiarist said...

These are spectacular!

Louis Duke said...

I adore her work.

I wish I had her patience.

Because we both know it took her hours worth of shooting to get those exact, perfect poses.