Monday, April 26, 2010

Pencil vs. Camera

It's Monday! I've already accepted the craziness of this week for me. We moved a huge amount of "stuff" to storage on Friday including random kitchen appliances, furniture, clothing, etc. to make room for baby girl. The day was so busy that I even forgot to publish my post for Friday. This week we are having our ceiling fixed thanks to the monsoon rains we have had all winter and spring here in New York (by the way, it's raining AGAIN today) and we're having the place painted. We are going to a hotel for a few days because there's no place for us to sleep here and dust and fumes from sanded ceilings and paint jobs are no good for me right now. Friday where are you?! In a few weeks the girl's furniture gets here and her nursery will begin to make its way from an idea in my head to reality.

Just because my computer is packed up and my head is in a general state of disarray does not mean that I'm not going to continue blogging this week. There is just too much beautiful and fun art and photography out there to share. At some point in the next few weeks once I actually have time to sit in front of my computer and go over my own recent photographs, I will start to share some of my work again.

In the meantime, take a look at this fun project by Flickr photographer Ben Heine. How cool are these images? He makes all of the pencil drawings and creatively places them in real life situations. Check out his Flickr page here and the rest of the images in this Pencils vs. Camera project here.





All images Copyright Ben Heine

Today's Soundtrack:Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright - Set Fire to the 3rd Bar

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