Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yes, herMajesty.

Oh how I love social networking. Yes, you make fabulous business connections and learn about an endless amount of opportunities - in fact, many of the shows that I've been in came as a result of networking and many of the honors that I've garnered including prizes in contests and online features all came as the result of networking, putting myself out there and learning about all of these opportunities.

But beyond all of these wonderful professional contacts sometimes you make personal contacts and form friendships. In my view these are even more valuable than building your professional network. I had such an experience recently when my SIL introduced me to a friend of hers via Facebook. His name is JP and he is the lead vocalist and guitarist of an incredible band based out of here in New York.

Let me introduce you to herMajesty. Elegant, enchanting, aggressive, and suffused with longing, Images from the Vanishing Night, the band's most recent album, is a window into the city after dark. When asked to elaborate, JP says on their label's website, “I am fascinated by the club scene of the city, and, more specifically, how seemingly disparate needs feed into the experience of clubbing. I mean really, how does anyone reconcile a wish for affiliation, desire, craving, not to mention having a good time and forgetting?”

JP and I struck up a conversation and he recently invited me to create a slideshow of images to be showcased on a screen during the band's latest listening party. In order to prepare the show he graciously sent me a few of the tracks. I haven't stopped listening to the music for the last two weeks. The music is haunting and evokes a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to my room in high school listening to Roxy Music and David Bowie. Yet despite that, it still has a fresh and unique sound that I can't quite compare to anyone I have ever heard before. Granted I'm no music expert but I am a music lover. Be sure to visit their MySpace page and take a listen. And, check out their
Facebook Fan Page.

Check out these photos from their listening party. You can see one of my images on the screen.

Her Majesty

Her Majesty

Her Majesty

Her Majesty

Here's the band...

JP- Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, programming
Vanessa- Keyboards, Backup Vocals
Jerome- lead guitars, programming
Dave- Bass, Backup Vocals
Chip- Drums

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