Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Day Some Where

Someday Somewhere is one of my favorite photo blogs right now. I've been following it for a while and you should definitely pay a visit. This is what photographer Jean-Marc Veliscek has to say about his work and the blog:

"Hi, my name is Jean-Marc Veliscek. I live in Marseille, France. SOMEDAY is a project I started in 2006. I like to walk in my own city like a stranger would do. I like to travel. I like music. I like a meditation called 'Feel the moment - Take your camera with you - Be there!'"

I have to say that I subscribe to a very similar philosophy when it comes to my photography. How many times have I encouraged you all to take your camera with you every where you go? Sometimes it's the smallest and seemingly insignificant moments that are the most moving and memorable. Jean-Marc Veliscek proves this with his work. And, incidentally, Marseille happens to be one of my favorite places in Europe.






All images via Someday Somewhere and Copyright Jean Marc Veliscek.

Today's Soundtrack:
Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running

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