Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me and My Camera

I can't really complain about very much during this pregnancy. Yes, I wake up five times in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and and yes I'm suddenly a terribly picky eater and yes none of my clothes fit and yes, my back hurts but it usually hurts anyway. In the grand scheme of things, knock on wood, I have had a wonderful six and a half months so far.

But, and there's always a BUT, if there was one thing I could complain about, it would be the fact that I simply cannot carry my camera with me every day, every where I go. I'm looking forward to this baby for so many reasons that I cannot possibly list here - I already feel like I know her with every single kick. And when she gets here I'm very excited to know that I get to show her this beautiful city that she will call him and push her around in a stroller with my camera underneath it. I haven't been able to carry my camera because it's just too heavy to deal with and I'm already carrying around an extra XX amount of pounds of baby weight.

I was looking through my archives and I found these photos, many of which you've seen here before, that remind me of how much I love photography. Me and my camera. My morning walks are not quite the same without my Nikon but I have even better company now as my girl kicks me along and motivates me to keep going and soon we will be together again with a brand new subject to admire. In the meantime, I'm enjoying going back and looking at these.

shadows of ourselves.

you pick the place and I'll choose the time


Blowing Bubbles

The New Yorkers

Urban Wash


Urban Summer Kids

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Leaving New York...

All of these were taken in New York City. Home sweet home.

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The Lil Bee said...

Never saw the Gossip Girl one before. Awesome.

PS: It gets better:)

Melanie's Randomness said...

aww hearing about happy pregnancies just make me smile so much. Good for you sweet lady. If you miss your camera so much maybe you can bring a smaller digitial camera around with you that would fit in your purse? I know it's not the same as a professional fancy camera with the different lenses for different shots but perhaps it'll soothe the need to take a picture? =)

I like the picture in the dark hallway. Very atmospheric!

Dream Sequins said...

Ooh. I'm loving these. Keep on recycling the goods :)

We have to meet up soon...

Kristin said...

LOVE the fountain shot. So so adorable!

Glam Girl said...

Great pictures! Lovelly blog

Tiffany said...

I need more happy pregnant woman in my life like you. Most of my friends that are currently pregnant (I'm surrounded by them now!) grumble and tell me how awful it is so that it pushes my baby timeline out another year or so, it's already about 6 years out... LOL! I'm glad to hear that you have had a good pregnancy so far.

I always love looking at your photos even if I've seen them before, I still think "oooh, I love that one and that one"

And I'm so excited to see the pictures that you will take of your little one. :)

the "L" spot said...

Wow these pictures are all so beautiful! You're so close to having your baby girl! That is so exciting!!

Diana said...

You take classic photos!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Your presence even online is missed. xo

drollgirl said...

your ny photos are just THE BEST!!! THE BEST!

bigBANG studio said...

sigh. such gorgeous portraits of the city. i imagine holing up in the studio with no ventilation and toxic paint fumes won't be allowed during future, hypothetical pregnancy for me, either.

that's a totally fair minor complaint. you've been quite a good sport. and i can't believe you're SIX AND A HALF MONTHS ALONG?!?!

oliver said...

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