Monday, March 22, 2010

Go Look - Dossier

Happy Monday! Or, is it? Usually I'm not a fan. Especially after glorious weekends spent lounging, eating, relaxing, eating, walking, enjoying sunlight and warm breezes, eating. Of course my weekend involved a lot of work, getting ready for baby, furniture shopping, packing, etc (it wasn't all eating). It's been difficult to get out and take photos because I have so much to do otherwise (not just because I simply cannot carry the load of my gear along with the load of my bulging belly).

I will be sharing some pretty incredible art and photography from around the web in the next few weeks. Perhaps here and there I will be sharing some of my own but get ready to be inspired by the tremendous and innovative talent that I've come across in my desperate need to fuel my procrastination and my insatiable curiosity and need to constantly look at beautiful things.

Speaking of which, do you read Dossier? Well, if you don't, get yourself over there immediately. I actually shot some photographs for a few shows at New York Fashion Week for the online magazine last September and ever since I've been completely hooked on this site that shows all things fabulous, fashion and art forward. Recently I came across this
collection of images by Carlo Van de Roer.


Carlo Van de Roer is a photographer based in New York. Using an aura polaroid camera designed in the 1970’s, these photos are believed to reveal the subjects character by capturing their aura. The series, called “Portait Machine Project”, will be showing at the
Suite Gallery, in New Zealand, March 26th.


I love the concept of the project - I've been looking at the photos and wondering about the subjects, their personalities, the colors surrounding who they are and I'm completely fascinated. Head over to Dossier to see some more and if you happen to live in New Zealand, go take a look for me...I'm jealous that I can't see them for myself.



All images via Dossier and all images
Copyright Carlo Van de Roer.

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