Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Would You Like to Advertise on Ciao, Chessa! ??

Would you like to advertise on Ciao, Chessa!? With my brand-new layout and amazing increase in readership (THANK YOU! Yeah, you! xo), I am now offering sponsorship space on my blog! I have a wonderfully wide, international readership and my rates are created with small businesses in mind.

If you'd like more information, please email me at ciaochessa@gmail.com


Today's Soundtrack:
Blondie - Dreaming

This photo is just because I love it...I shot it last year on a very, VERY hot summer day in Washington Square Park. We're supposed to be getting more snow in New York later this week and this photograph makes me long for summer and hearing the laughter of kids playing and splashing in the park. It also makes me very excited because by next summer I will have one of my own little kids! I'm five months pregnant this week! Many of you have been asking for photos and I promise to get one up soon! In the meantime...

In the Urban Summer VI

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