Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Look in the Mirror

To say that my body is changing is a huge understatement. Yes, I know I'm pregnant and it's natural but to see it and feel it is just mind-blowing. Seeing my bulging belly and new curves is like a celebration. It's life right in front of me and it's just amazing. I've been reflecting so much over the last 5 plus months - thinking about the past, enjoying the now, hoping for the future.

I'm embracing my new body but also remembering the old one and knowing that I will see it again after my girl arrives in June. I'll be posting photos soon but in the meantime, and maybe you've seen these before, here are some self-portraits from the archives.

A Girl and a Window


Come...Follow Me

Running To and From

The Good Morning


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Pretty Lovely said...

Such lovely photographs!

Samantha @PrettyLovely

The Obsessionista said...

I love the stretching pic and the one where you are sitting at the edge of the bed - the gams are killer!!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

You are so beautiful! I love the first photo when you are looking out the window. I like that they are in black & white too. It seems like there is a story for each of these photos!

It must be wonderful to be going through this stage of life! Best wishes to you!

rollorollo69 said...

Very Nice.

Shanley said...

BEAUTIFUL. I love the one of you stretching in bed - and the one of you walking out the door.

Elizabeth Marie said...

GORGEOUS. I am so excited for you :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Lovely! Especially that walking out the door shot!

Midtown Girl said...

Wow. You are stunning. IRL and in these pics. Ps - you look gorgeous pregnant, too ;-)

Kristin said...

You're beautiful now and you'll be beautiful after she comes!