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It's Miss Aniela

I have been a fan of Natalie Dybisz's (aka Miss Aniela) ever since I first came across her stream on Flickr several years ago. Miss Aniela's work often borders on the surreal, often makes you daydream and is always evocative, cerebral and empowering. I admire her artistry and her keen business sense.

Miss Aniela has appeared at several speaking engagements here in the United States organized by Microsoft, she has been featured at a few gallery shows in both England (where, as she says on her website, she lives with her boyfriend and their black cat) and Spain, and she has self-published two books via
Blurb. She also participated in the book collaboration of the Flickr Flickr Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group (along with yours truly!), also published by Blurb.

Miss Aniela has a brand-new website on Livebooks that you should definitely check out. She also has a
blog that I've been following pretty much since she started writing it. I hope that you'll check out both - trust me when I tell you that will not be sorry. You can sign up to be on her mailing list there and generally learn more about this truly talented artist.

Copyright Miss Aniela
This one is my personal favorite of all of her work.
It's an earlier image and it's been on m favorites list since I first saw it.

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

Copyright Miss Aniela

In the meantime, here's the press release published last week when Miss Aniela launched her new website.

A photo star is born on Flickr, grows up on liveBooks
Flickr megastar Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela, takes her self-portrait fine art empire to the next level with a liveBooks site

Copyright Miss Aniela

SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 26, 2010 – liveBooks, Inc., (www.livebooks.com) the leading provider of award-winning websites that allow creative professionals to promote and manage their businesses online, today announced the launch of a new liveBooks-powered website for photographic self-portraitist Natalie Dybisz (www.missaniela.com), the brain and body behind the Flickr-famed Miss Aniela brand.

Strikingly stunning with an eye for surreal photography and a nose for business, 23-year-old Dybisz is a worldwide Web sensation who has partnered with liveBooks to elevate her photography brand — and her business — to a new tier of professionalism and ingenuity.

“I was in search of a new platform and I liked the simplistic, slick and lightweight feel of liveBooks’ sites,” said Dybisz. “They satisfied my identity graphically and, probably most importantly, their editSuite allows me to easily update my site whenever I want. I also like how the company is so tapped into the photo community – I really get the sense that they know what photographers need and want.”

Since launching her original website in 2007, the Miss Aniela brand has attracted approximately 2,000 visitors per day. It is evident that Dybisz has a strong online following, but just how she became a prominent online figure — and a self-portrait photographer — is an interesting tale.

Boredom, a compact camera with a 10-second timer and a shortage of friends to pose for photos, led then 21-year-old Dybisz to star in her own self-portraits. After a few photo shoots, she began sharing her photos with the Flickr community under the profile name “Miss Aniela”.

“I was self-taught, but the Flickr community took a liking to me and encouraged me to continue to share my work,” Dybisz said. “I did just that, and before I knew it, I had interest from a local gallery who wanted to feature my photos.”

In the first six months of being on Flickr, her profile received more than one million views. Soon after, her Flickr popularity landed her on the cover of American Photo magazine. Today, she has expanded beyond the Flickrverse to become a bustling entrepreneur. Miss Aniela is now the brand behind several international exhibitions, frequent speaking engagements with prominent names like Microsoft, and interest from book publishers and documentary producers.

With an escalating number of business endeavors, Dybisz can better streamline business operations and market her brand with the functionality of her liveBooks-powered website, allowing her to continue building the pervasive Miss Aniela brand — a brand distilled by her creative persona, nurtured by social media and powered by technology.

To view her new website, visit www.missaniela.com. For more information about liveBooks, visit www.liveBooks.com.

All images are Copyright Miss Aniela.
All images via www.missaniela.com

Press Release text via here and here.

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