Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Give Me Feaver

Have you heard of photographer and web designer Aaron Feaver? He has a beautiful photography blog he so aptly calls Feaverish Photography. No? Well, I suggest you get there as soon as possible.

I recently found this place and three hours later I was still there completely mesmerized by what I saw. So much inspiration and simply beautiful work to admire. Everything he shares on his blog is so evocative that in order to make my decision as to what to post here I blindly navigated to a page and chose the first post that appeared. I don't usually have such cavalier curating methods for this blog but in this case it was necessary. In any event, I know I'll be sharing much more from that incredible space very soon.

I'll be posting some of Aaron's own work here because after I made my way through his blog I went to his portfolio and well, that's a whole other story. Let's just say that I didn't get any of my work done on the afternoon that I stumbled upon his pages.

In the meantime, check out these images by Yagmur Kizilok who was recently featured on the pages of Aaron's photoblog. You can also see more of Yagmur Kizilok work here.

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

Copyright Yagmur Kizilok

All photos via Feaverish Photography and Copyright Yagmur Kizilok.

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh Woa! Ah so he's one of those photographers who can capture that moment in just one click & appreciates others who can do the same. I like it. I'll go check out his blog! =)

Seyma said...

wow!! seeing a turkish photographer on your blog is awesome!! he has the great job over there above..


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

These are all gorgeous. I checked out his sit and was very impressed. Thank you for sharing!


Wow, such beautiful pictures!



Maddy said...

The last picture of the little girl gave me chills!

Kristin said...

That little girl's eyes are piercing. Awesome shot!

Elizabeth Marie said...


I got your tweet-sorry I've been so MIA I'm trying to work everything out! yay!!!

HeatherClark said...

those are all really beautiful...and i got my book in the mail today! I was soo excited. I love it and cannot wait to put it to good use. It makes me want to get a bookshelf and collect travel books.

you're the best!

My name is Erin. said...

So happy you posted this! Not only did I love looking at the photos, but I loved Feaverish Photography's Web site. I'm a web development student and that went strait into my "inspiration" bookmark. Thanks!

Hanako66 said...

these are gorgeous!!

i will have to check out his blog