Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Street Style

One of the reasons why I love living in New York (one of the many) is how eclectic and stylish the people are. I admire fellow New Yorkers and their clothes, their accessories, the way they carry themselves...everything. I especially love when I see someone wearing something totally out there and inspired (or something crazy...)You just get everything here in Manhattan. No one knows how to capture these looks like The Sartorialist, Mr. Scott Schuman. If his blog isn't already on your daily reading list then you are definitely missing out. He takes his camera with him every where he goes and his blog includes fabulous looks from fabulous people from many places including my hometown, Italy and France.

And, thanks to the January print issue of Marie Claire I recently discovered the blogs of Garance Dore and Tommy Ton. Both bring street style from their corners of the world and wowsa...the clothes! the accessories! the shoes! the details!

Garance Dore is a French illustrator who created her blog to share her drawings but it was her photographs of people at fashion shows that really brought people to her space. She's so talented that Gap presented a pop-up exhibit of her sketches and limited edition t-shirts.

The photos on Tommy Ton's site Jak and Jil make it seem like every week is fashion week.

...just get your eyes reading for some serious inspiration and some really fabulous street style photography...and a few other marvelous things.

The following images are via The Sartorialist





The following images are via Garance Dore




The following images are via Jak and Jil




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I LOVE the Bourne movies. Can you tell?

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TheBeautyFile said...

Oh my gosh! How did you live without Garance!! I'm obsessed with her and her and Scott as a couple! You also have to check out Stockholm Street Style, FaceHunter and Altamira!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous selections, darling!


Vanessa said...

First, you know Garance is Scott Schuman's lady love, right? Second, I am obsessed with that Bourne music and the movies. Third, do you like that I said 'lady love'?

MrJeffery said...

the guy with the tie! i love that so much... so daring and stylish. four stars for that.

Kristin said...

LOVE that shot of the trio of uber stylish friends...those shoes...swoon!

clarewbrown said...

Woah! I agree with the comment above! Those gorgeous shoes on the trio of friends were amazing!! These photos are very inspiring!

Chessa! said...

everyone! I don't know how I lived without these blogs before but yes, aren't they fabulous?

and, I agree...those shoes are to die for!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i love tommy ton. love how he captures the little details...and of course all the shoes!

Savvy Gal said...

I think women in NYC are just extra stylish. : )

OceanDreams said...

What fantastic photos - they are so real and honest in the same light!

Maria Jensen said...

I LOVE the second photo! It´s so vintage and so cool... With modern time behind them and past with them!

Great blog : )


Hanako66 said...

they are all on my daily stops!