Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow on the Horizon

"They" say it's going to snow again this weekend. I love they.

We're staying in the city this weekend for the first time since before the holidays and I'm so excited about it. By the time the weekend comes we're usually ready to head out to the total silence of the country but not tonight. We're staying put and I'm getting my camera ready because when that snow starts to come down (hopefully they are right) I'm heading out into the city streets with that thing strapped around my neck.

We've had a lot of snow already this winter but surprisingly enough, I don't mind it so much. I do mind the freezing weather (and lately it's gone way beyond the cold that I can handle) but I live in the city so I don't have to worry about shoveling a walk or driveway and I have brand new boots to give me traction and keep me safe (as safe as I can be since I'm somewhat of a clutz and I'm trying to be extra careful as I carry the extra weight around). Plus, I'm a master at layering.

Happy weekend...what are you up to? Stay warm!

Here are some photographs that I took in Central Park a few weeks ago after the first big snow of the season!

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Today's Soundtrack:
Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2009 Monica L. Shulman

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anthony0358 said...

I love those photos of that big snowfall we had in mid December

christa elyce said...

I love your black and white photos of New York. so serene.

Hanako66 said...

these are so beautiful...i can't wait to visit one day!

Dream Sequins said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous all of it. glad you're staying in the city for a change. it should be pretty.

Iva said...

I just love black and white photos!! these are gorgeous!!

thank you so much Monica for the birthday wishes!! I really appreciate it! I hope you have a great weekend!

drollgirl said...

my boss is in your fair city today and he said it is BONE CHILLINGLY COLD! we west coast sissies are not used to that cold weather!

hope you keep warm and safe and that you have a great time this weekend!

KitKat AKA Katz said...

Love love love these photos and the feel in them. I haven't even gone to the park this winter even I work just 2 blocks away... But you might have just inspire me to go get my camera and get out there this weekend during my lunch break. Maegan said...

oh they are stunning ...even the little snowman. Sometimes I wished we lived somewhere it snowed ...but mostly for the great excuse of being "snowed in" and getting to stay home, cozy by the fire. Gorgeous, as always :)

OceanDreams said...

Beautiful and what an adorable snowman! It does make me cold just looking at those photos though. Quite beautiful however!

jen laceda said...

I love your photographs AND Black Eyes Pea's Meet Me Halfway! I feel like I'm transported to Manhattan!

Vanessa said...

One of the best parts of my trip home over the holidays was all the snow we got! It was so amazingly beautiful! I'm back in Sweden now, but I'll cross my fingers for more snow for you!

Midtown Girl said...

That snowman pic is so precious - I foresee you taking many more pics like those in the future ;-)


Maddy said...

The snow looks so pristine in Central Park. Beautiful!

Unfortunately, the snow doesn't stay like this for very long (especially on the streets). It becomes yucky, brown slush in no time :) But that's NYC for you!

My name is Erin. said...

I love seeing NYC through your lens. I've never been (yet) and your blog both satiates my curiosity and makes me want to visit sooo badly. These are great photos.