Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekend To Do: Holiday Shopping!

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend I am shopping, shopping, shopping. No last minute running around for me this year. I'm a notorious last-minute-doer but I'm working on changing that...not just with respect to shopping but everything. I have to start somewhere so this weekend is a great a time as any. I am one of those people who thrives under pressure but I've decided that life can be much easier and less stressful with just a tiny bit of planning. No?

Have you started your shopping? Have you made your list and checked it twice or ten times like I usually do?

Well, there's still time to get it together and what better place to do it from than the comfort of your own home. I'm having a holiday sale that includes $30 prints and free prints over at my photography shop. Order soon to guarantee receipt in time for the holidays! There is something for everyone there so come check it out!

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Little Red Bike

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on the way up and down

esta noche volveré

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Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

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