Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Heart Art

I'm working on my list of holiday gifts and this year there will be fewer sweaters and a lot more art. Of course art is highly personal but with a site like 20x200, you're bound to find something for anyone.

I've blogged about 20x200 before. I simply love it. There is so much selection, so many beautiful pieces and the works are so affordable that any person with any budget can shop there.

Here are a few of my favorite prints that have been recently featured.

28 Camera Drawings
by Christine Berrie

I think I need this for my office.

Photographer's Dilemma
by Tatsuro Kiuchi

LOVE this.

Untitled #6
by Jessica Bruah


Balsa planes #4
by Paul Madonna

Wouldn't this look wonderful in a little boy's room?

West Nineteenth Street (Yellow Dress)
by Joseph O. Holmes

This is one of those images that I desperately wish I took myself.

think-make-think (second edition)
by Clifton Burt


Gosling Lake
by Kurt Tong


Kind Intruder
by Michelle Arcila


Today's Soundtrack:
Phoenix - Lisztomania
I'm going to see this band along with a bunch of others tonight at Hammerstein Ballroom...can't wait!

Oh, and PS--I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop through the holiday season...

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