Friday, November 13, 2009

Jump For Joy Friday!

Okay, blame my cheese title on the fact that I have blogger's block and it's Friday and I'm thrilled.

So, last year for one of the weddings that I shot, I asked the couple to jump. I was very enthusiastic about this idea. They were good sports although I could tell that they weren't that into it...fancy shoes aren't that easy to jump up and down in! But, they did it and I really, really encouraged them and cheered for them with my camera and flash around my neck.

Imagine my surprise this year when the bride, who is now a friend, told me that as a yearly anniversary project they are going to pick a location whether they are at the time and jump! This time it was my heart that jumped! I am so excited that I helped to create a life-long project for them.

Wedding Day
Copyright 2008 Monica L. Shulman
One Year Anniversary
Saleen and Lisanne 2009

I was out of town the weekend of their anniversary so I didn't take their picture but they sent me this photo to compliment the very first one that I captured of them on their wedding day. Fun, right?

Happy Friday!

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MGMT - Time To Pretend

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