Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday! Special Deals for Ciao, Chessa! Readers!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Did any of you go out shopping this morning or today? I certainly did not. This day is for cuddling on the couch, recovering from a food coma, eating more yummy Thanksgiving food shopping!

This holiday season I'm celebrating by getting myself some new camera equipment! And where else in the world would I do it but B&H Photo - the ultimate photography equipment shopping experience! No lines, no harried shoppers, just sit back in your PJs and point and click your way through holiday gift-buying.

A few months ago I was approached by B&H to be an Affiliate. I jumped at the opportunity faster than I could click my shutter. B&H is world renowned as the place to buy for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs. I admit that the first time I visited the store I was a bit overwhelmed by be fair, the place is enormous and it is always packed and I was about 7 years old! But I love to go there now. There are always people available to help and you cannot beat the selection.

In preparation of the holiday season and in the spirit of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Shopping Fanatics everywhere, B&H is offering a bunch of great deals to all of my readers...just click away below to learn more and to make your purchases!

Free Shipping


New Product Releases

Open Box Specials


Holiday Deal Page

Holiday Gift Guide

Even though I've been to the store more times than I can possibly count, I was recently invited for a VIP tour (which I will blog about another day) and I learned so much about the various departments and the thousands and thousands of amazing products. The staff is very professional and friendly and they are salaried employees who do not work on any sort of commission so I never feel like they are pushing one item or another simply because the price is higher.

And, they don't just sell cameras and camera equipment. B&H Photo is the largest seller of Apple products in New York City...they sell more Apple products than the Apple store and they don't even sell the iPhone in their store!

If you have any questions whatsoever about any products, please ask away! And stayed tuned for more special offers and information from me about B&H...

Happy Shopping!!

Oh, and PS--these special deals are available throughout the entire holiday season so if you're not ready now...come on back and use them when you're ready! But be sure to click through my site! :)

Please click on any of these banners directly from my site to make your purchases on the B&H website!

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