Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love Fashion...Photography

Has this been the slowest week ever? Usually I'm always wishing that time would slow down instead of zipping by so quickly. But this week was different. On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday on Wednesday I thought it was know the rest. Friday is finally here. And, to celebrate, I hope you'll join me at Dream Sequins, the fabulous fashion blog, for my guest post.

Head over there to see my personal list of favorite fashion photographers.

Photography is my passion and it's my career and the only thing that comes second to that, after my husband and family of course, is fashion. Combine the two and I'm a very happy and inspired woman. I love all aspects of fashion - the garments, the feel of the fabric between my fingers, the way the models wear it, the way photographers capture it and bring the clothing to life, the stories that photographers tell using the clothing and how they engage the models, the makeup, the hair and...everything. All of these things come together to make art.

I have a very long list of photographers who have motivated me and inspired me. Narrowing it down is certainly no small feat but I definitely make my best effort...

Here's a tiny peek...head over there, to see the rest!

Helmut Newton

Richard Avedon

By the way, one of my favorite places to read about photography in general and fashion photography in particular is Fashion Photography Blog. Go there to get a behind-the-scenes look on the industry and to see some incredibly evocative work.

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