Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is my dad's birthday!

Just like I did with my mom's birthday last month, here is a list of fun and random facts about my dad...

Daddy and Paloma
(My dad and his BFF, Paloma. Check out her little hands!)

1. My dad is full of random knowledge and he is one of the smartest people I know. Whenever my sister or I don't know the answer to something or need to figure something out...everything from how to use WD40 to how to tell whether garlic is old...we suggest "asking Daddy."

2. When my dad signs a birthday card or any card at all or sends something in the mail with a note he always writes "Love, Your Dad!" on it. And, he also draws a face on it with big eyes and crazy hair. It might be a portrait of me. I'm not sure. But, I've come to expect it. I also think it's hilarious that he writes "your dad!" I think that I subconsciously put an "!" after Chessa! because of that.

3. One year when I was in college and my mom and sister took a vacation, my dad drove all the way up to Boston by himself for the day to take me out to dinner on my birthday. I couldn't sleep that night because I was worried about him driving all the way back to New York after dinner even though I wanted him to stay for the night and leave in the morning.

4. My dad is an amateur photographer and I learned pretty much all the basics from him.

5. Some of my most favorite memories of my childhood include the afternoons my dad and I spent in a "dark room" (aka the family laundry room) developing photographs.

6. Every camera I ever owned was a picked out by my dad and was a gift of both my parents.

7. My dad loves to read and I have distinct memories of him always coming home with books for my sister and me.

8. My dad hardly listens to my sister and me...we constantly tell him what he should and shouldn't do. We don't wonder where we get our stubborn-ness from.

9. My parents owned a restaurant when I was really, really little. My mother is an AMAZING cook. My father is a RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING cook.

10. My dad is from Argentina from a little town called City Bell near a city called La Plata. When I was little and I went to visit my grandparents I slept in the room where my dad slept as a boy. Some of my best memories as a child were in my father's country and most of those were in that house.

11. I look like a clone of my dad's sister.

12. My dad proposed to my mother after knowing her for only three months.

13. When we were little and we'd ask our dad what he was up to when he was in his work room (he's really handy and has all these tools that I doubt he uses anymore) he would say "making a mess" - as a married woman now, I finally understand why he said that.

14. My father is so curious. I think he wants to learn about everything and when we ask him something and he doesn't know, he gets back to us with the answer.

15. I'm 32 years old and when I get sick my parents drive to the city to bring me home-made food. Last week they made me soup and my dad drove in with it in the middle of the work day.

16. Speaking of being 32 years old, my parents understand that I'm an adult and they respect me and they are proud of me but they still baby me (not that I mind it TOO much)...

17. I've had my heart broken over only once (thank GOD) and I distinctly remember the look on my father's face when he saw me so hurt and broken.

18. My dad loved The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones when he was growing up in Argentina. He had all the albums. He also loved Peyton Place and Star Trek.

19. The first "sentence" that my father learned in English is: "yes. it is. of course I know. Before I'm looking the way she is." It doesn't make any sense and my grandfather told me that he was so desperate to learn to speak English after he met my mother who was living in the United States that he would walk around the house repeating the phrases after he learned them. My grandfather didn't speak any English at all but he recalled that so clearly.

20. My dad loves to collect random things. He has a collection of antique ivory carvings, an enormous collection of books, CDs and DVDs and a growing collection of these little childrens' books that are shaped like the animals that they are about.

21. My dad is one of the smartest people I know but he doesn't have the patience to figure out how to use the DVR.

love you, daddy. tsi.

Today's Soundtrack:
The Beatles- Piggies
This is a song that my dad used to play for us and sing to my sister and me when we were kids. Thinking about it now it's hilarious. We loved it.

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